Our mission is to develop artists, giving music and art a place within the ever-changing underground scenes.

As a boutique agency, we work closely with the artists and help build their profiles in the industry. We do not only focus on bookings but are also happy to support artists and manage their careers.  We developed strategies, brand sponsorships, live streams, merch/clothing production,  tax consultancy agency and lawyers, and everything else an artist needs to reach the next steps. 

What makes us different? The whole vision behind the brand, the „boutique“ approach, family philosophy and different offices spread over the continents.  All of our agents work together to ensure that every single artist is successful and grows. Our motivation is to give up-and-coming artists the boost they need and renowned artist the needed place to shine. 

Fabio Venezia

Founder / Manager / Head Agent

[email protected]

Silvio Venezia

Founder / Finances

[email protected]

Dennis Pfalzer

Junior Agent, Booking Management

[email protected]

Miguel Lega

South America Agent

[email protected]

Victoria Dimas

Intern, Booking Management

[email protected]

Christos Kordas

Booking Agent

[email protected]

Michel Morales

Booking Manager

[email protected]

Adrian Brück

Social Media, Public Relations

[email protected]

Maks Hribar

Content Creator, Videographer

[email protected]