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Lars Huismann


About Artist

Lars was born in Berlin in 1987. His Career as a musician began very early. At 11 years young he started drumming in different bands. After a few years he founded his own bands, playing different styles from jazz, fusion and all the way to progressive metal. His orientation on complex drum grooves makes up his foundation, while still being able to keep an open mind in regards to different styles and the ability to put them together to create a new form of art. At the age of 18 he discovered producing with different software such as FL-Studio and Cubase. Using these programs he was able to transfer his patterns and sequences from the drum set onto a drum computer. He has always had a natural yearning to tweek his recordings and productions, and shape them into unrecognisable elements of sound. However, there was always a strong connection to more heavyweight electronic music. He discovered how great it is to listen and produce techno that basically wants to devour you from the inside out, vibrating your body with massive bass and some nasty hypnotic tribal rhythms. In January 2015 he founded his own label, LHR, with the focus on deeply rooted warehouse techno. Lars Huismann Records is a journey in heavy melodic industrialesque techno music, built in a atmospheric and pulsating frame. LHR001 started with a full length EP and release party in Tresor Berlin. Four beautifully cut tracks that takes you on a journey through different areas of techno. It is an obsession in hard drilling percussion, banging synth-elements, and drums that roll together to create a more complex groove-pattern. His second release on LHR is even more powerful. Hard stomping noisy bigroom kicks with very individual signature sounds. Perfect for the discerning techno crowd. Metallic synth melodies and hypnotic vocal sampling which drill the inside of your ear and a controlled bass that perpetually drives the track forward. This excursion has deadly effectiveness. Heavy pounding no mercy primetime techno that pushes you to the edge and throws you into the abyss.


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