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After being part of the band ‘Grey Television’ for many years, 2014David chose to pursue his solo career. In the early years David experimented with elements from his indie rock band past, as well as with influences of neoclassicism. He impatiently tried out many new things. Already in 2015 he had his first live appearances as a solo artist. A first highlight of his music career was the Norway for the Oya Festival, where he played live in front of 1.000 people. Self-confident he worked out his place on stage in front of the audience. "Modig!”, which means courageous in Norwegian, was the feedback the audience gave David, considering it courageous when he revealed that he had only rehearsed twice. The name "Modig" was born. In the following years David constantly aimed to experience and explore new, unique things that contributed to his artistic work, including an open-hearted preoccupation with analogue synthesizers. "Modig" is fascinated by the club life of venues like Berghain or Tresor in his hometown Berlin: Moving bodies without a break. David is currently working at new music productions. His first release on 05/2019 on Soma called “Latissimus”, is a collection of one-takes resulting from live sessions. His work is just as impatient, unrestrained and self-confident as David himself, without a lack of haughtiness. We can be curious what Modig will have to offer us next.

Berlin, Germany


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