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voxnox is a creation of a unique and outrageously creative collective of men and women woven out of the same yarn and cut from the same cloth. A strong family-like cohesion is the foundation of our record label philosophy! voxnox was born from a pressing need to represent an alternative view on music. The project has been in the making for many years, and has influences and synergy of many different subjects, including music, fashion, arts, guerrilla moves, multicultural life as well as many others. Idealism and pureness is what we stand for! Injustice must no longer be tolerated, our music, clothes and art are no seasonal IN-Styles, but a time-independent future rebellion. True idealists do not whistle - This project is about real passion! Maybe voxnox is a kind of illusion, a quiet call for equality, but we are the evidence of the positive mood that is still possible. The world of today encourages the youth to defy against the powerful! voxnox is like the real life: pure, harsh and provocative. Don’t trust the mainstream, seek the truth, find answers and live free - We are the voice of the night! The past 6 years have been a crazy ride for the Voxnox Fam. Founded by the brothers Fabio & Silvio Venezia, the berlin based vinyl label releases uncompromising, energetic techno with a touch of trippyness and depth. After 40 releases and 10 on vinyl the label is an established brand in the techno business. The label starts the year 2020 with a big bang. Jan 17th VNR040 Opal - Dominator including outstanding Remixes by Remco Beekwilder and Inhalt der Nacht was released and caused some major waves in the scene. Followed by VNR041 in spring Sept - Ultimate Seduction EP w/ VTSS & Henning Baer Remixes + a big VA the label is optimistic to stay on your radar. The fam was throwing raves all over europe in great clubs like Griessmuehle &  About:Blank (Berlin), PAL (Hamburg), Lehmann Club (Stuttgart), PAN (Hannover), Tante Emma (Innsbruck), Kantine (Augsburg), Projekt Sued (Kempten), Jasna1 (Warsaw), Rex Club (Parsi), Razzmatazz & Moog (Barcelona), Flashback Studios (Budapest), Oven Club (Valencia), Temple (Istanbul) more tba this year!  

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