Challenge EP


1. A1 Sept - Challenge (Original Mix)
2. A2 Sept - Challenge (Violent Remix)
3. B1 Sept - Six Doors Room (Original Mix)
4. B2 Sept - Astral Spirits (Original Mix)
5. headless horseman - B2 Sept - Astral Spirits (Headless Horseman Remix)

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About Album

A1) Sept opens up the EP with the forceful – Challenge . Showcasing Sept’s trademark saturated, analog sound, – Challenge combines rolling percussion with eerie soundscaping and a haunting vocal. A true peak time weapon, this track is sure to set all systems alight.

A2) On – Challenge remix duties is longtime collaborator and friend, Violent. Drawing on the atmosphere of the original, Violent delivers a hard hitting, stomping techno banger that will find a lot of favour with those at the harder end of the spectrum.
B1) Opening up the B-side is a further Sept original, – Six Doors . Employing his excellent use of soundscaping, – Six Doors is a measured stepper with undeniable UK influences. One for the deeper hours of the night.

B2) Closing off the originals on the EP is – Astral Spirits . Aptly named, this ambient piece clearly displays Sept’s excellent production skills. Dark, eerie soundscapes and twitchy percussion make this an intoxicating and disturbing piece.

B3) For the final track on the EP, Voxnox Records is delighted to welcome Headless Horseman. Known for his exceptional and unique production style, the Horseman is surely one of techno’s greatest talents. Headless Horseman delivers a tough, remix that builds perfectly on the atmosphere of the original whilst showcasing his trademark galloping groove. Not to be missed.

Artist: Sept
Release Date: 24-05-2018