New World EP


1. A1 Alignment - New world [VNR033]
2. A2 Alignment - Extinction [VNR033]
3. B1 Alignment - Planet [VNR033]
4. B2 Alignment - Virtual System [VNR033]

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About Album

Alignment kicks off the EP with ‘New World’, a heavily 90s influenced banger that showcases his trademark rolling groove. Teaming industrial stabs with a dreamy, emotive pad, this track is sure to set the dance floor alight.
Alignment continues the theme from the A1 with ‘Extinction’, a deeper, trance-influenced banger. ‘Extinction’s urgency and eclectic sound design make this a peak-time weapon to remember.
‘Planet’ showcases Alignment’s deeper edge to his productions. Restrained synth-work combined with rough, distorted drums make this a highly effective mix tool.
Alignment goes back to his roots with ‘Virtual System’, a UK DnB influenced track with jungle-esque percussion to create a deep, atmospheric outro.

Artist: Alignment
Release Date: 15-03-2018