Blog presents Voxnox Lockdowntales

We highly encourage you to donate to #BLACKLIVESMATTER 🖤✊🏿 Stay active! Excited to present you this weekend our @voxnoxrecords „Lockdown Tales“ Online Festival & (postponed) VNR041 release party.
We’re all starving so much for the raves in our beloved clubs and warehouses and can’t wait that this pandemic finally comes to an end. Voxnox Lockdown Tales brings you an audio-visual experience directly to your home. Tonight the living room is your dance floor. We can’t wait to meet you all in person again, until then we cheers virtually! @ladystarlightnyc @l_huismann @kaiser_ksr @yoanlokier @quelza_m @cl.tx @black_kawasaki_ninja1 @lifka36 @glazov_av @projektgestalten @theladymachine @yabellalem @unhealed.vx