Kaiser – The Way Back EP (Soma565d)

RELEASE DATE 2019-11-25
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1. The Way Back
2. Tales Of The Future
3. Loud Cries
4. Clubbed To Death

Prolific Italian producer Kaiser makes his long awaited debut on Soma with a perfectly executed 4 track EP, The Way Back. Having been present on the scene through releases with Planet Rhythm, Animal Farm and more recently his own K S R imprint, Kaiser’s style is a mixture of abrasive, hypnotic Techno blended with element of minimalism, glued together with a solid amount of groove.

Title track The Way Back reminisces to Birmingham-era UK Techno with it’s thundering rhythms and twisted synth hook. Tales Of The Future takes things on a more futuristic tip as spacial polyrhythms build the structure of this very functional track. Ramping up the pace a little more, Loud Cries builds incessantly as impulsive percussion drives this perfectly crafted tool. Clubbed to Death finishes off this Soma debut EP from Kaiser with a speedy broken beat as atonal pads and drones create a densely packed, atmospheric and climactic track.