Berlin-based French artist Alekzandra has constructed all her life around music. Starting to get into electronic music in the early 2000’s she worked in Ibiza as a DJ and for the legendary Ibiza Underground Club. Facing the need to explore the whole spectrum of the scene she moved to Berlin where she immediately felt at home.

Alekzandra’s background lies in dark minimal synth-wave sound as well as experimental drone ambient which has naturally led from her more dancefloor-oriented performances to EBM and Industrial Techno. No matter if she plays Techno, EBM, Industrial, Minimal Wave, or Ambient – her sets are designed to indicate a deep, hypnotic and mystical state among the audience. To reach those exact experiences on the dancefloor she keeps preparing each performance with a clear vision.

With her work as Alekzandra her productions are mostly synth-wave oriented and were or will be released on labels such as Liber Null Berlin, She Lost Kontrol, and Miseria Records, while feature plans include releases on Phase Fatale’s BITE Records.

Mainly improvised by trying to interpret the flow and current state of mind and energy she believes that at the very moment in which a certain sound is given life through the voice or fusion of the right elements, music becomes therapeutic.

Her approach doesn’t necessarily contain looking for harmony, the perfect vocal, or conventional aesthetics regarding composition rather than expressing both, the bright and the dark sides of one’s state of mind.

Besides having launched her new label “Limbic Resonance” she also released under her second alias CPR (Cyber Punk Romance) presenting a completely new version of herself drawn in dark experimental ambient sounds mixed with psychedelic elements along with her vocals. A 3rd CPR long player has been scheduled for late 2023.

“The best recording sessions are those in which sounds, rhythms, and voices faithfully express everything that has been dictated by the soul.“



Berlin, Germany





Resident Advisor