Liza Aikin

The unique imaginary world in which Liza Aikin moves stems in classical music and a driving desire of composing music soundscapes which carry us to reminders of her own memories. Liza has a classical music background and started playing violin when she was 8 years old. Her passion wavers in between film noir atmosphere, old analogue music instruments and modular synthesizers, which Liza combines with her field recording skills, taking the creation to a level of detailed layering to a raw composition of sound without words, bringing energy in place disguised as music.
Not long after moving to Berlin, Liza followed her dream of working in the audio industry. By being exposed to the core of technology her interest moved on to production, to craft the perfect piece missing in her sets and creating the sound and the atmosphere she was looking for. Berlin became her scene for exploring historic abandoned buildings and in- industries, where she constantly looks for field recordings. Her mission is to create her new sonic collage using her production techniques and sentiment.
Often traveling to capture sounds linked to places with an emotional or evocative meaning, Liza Aikin production’s moves away from the linearity of modern techno, to take a characteristic narrative form. Succeeding more than 10 years of djing, Liza Aikin released her debut EP on Emetic Uk in 2017. Liza brings concrete textures, gritty beats, and hard-hitting distortions, blended with superb intricacy to create truly original tracks.
In addition to top up the creative force involved No-oN who made a video filmed inside the factory where many of the sounds were recorded, giving vision to the elements of the composition. Her second release Versailles, released on Rebekah’s Decoy Records, brings together a variety of unexpected jet interesting metallic field recordings, blended with powerfully built kicks, this combination sparked interest across many artists and channels landing the tracks to be played on BBC Radio 1.

Last but not least in this ep we find two remixes from Taakaki Itho and Rory st. John brings the sonic experience to a complete picture. Liza Aikin’s most recent release is “Les Visage” a unique track released on the Hardersmart compilation of Mord Records. Here the listener is brought into a story-like track, where a melodic jet melancholic start surprise you with hard-hitting accents and powerful warehouse kicks and bass lines. Liza Aikin musical research continues always, and strikes for her passion and freshness.

“LIZA AIKIN is a remarkable DJ whose turntable power sees her stretch the boundaries of styles enormously. From dark, gloomy, rather hard charged sets to monster drum ‘n bass/ breakcore to the German school of techno, LIZA AIKIN wraps her crafted power into the experience.“



Berlin, Germany


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