Techno is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Sept. He has been always far away from the mainstream beats. His dj sets and live acts are a musical trip and his sound has continuously evolved always staying true to his Techno roots. In addition, Sept is showing a wide delicate mixture of darkness and light, creating a sonic musical journey that took him to play in the most respected clubs around Europe and South America…

In 2015 the ball started rolling when he was involved in the organization of the “Lost Pool” parties located in an abandoned pool area.

Later on, in 2016 he started co-organizing an event series called „Bóg Jest w Techno” (eng. The God Is In Techno) which hosted names like I/Y, Ansome, Perc, Regal, Boston 168, Stran- ger, Kwartz, Pearl, Kangding Ray, Blue Hour, Ossian, Remco Beekwilder, SNTS.

Production-wise Sept has been releasing on respected Techno labels since 2015, being “Path EP” his first release on Voxnox Records.
He also released two EPs in 2016, Runaway 27 on Flash Recordings and Artefakkt on Sonntag Morgen Records.

Starting in 2017 he released the “Direction EP” 12” on Voxnox Records including remixes from I/Y and Michal Jablonski. In 2018 he released three 12”, Challenge EP 12” on Voxnox Records including remixes from Headless Horseman, Mental Statement EP 12” on Prodigal Son Records including remixes from Joefarr and Chaos Collider EP 12” on Voxnox Records including remixes from Setaoc Mass & Pfirter.

Sept has been also involved in organizing events since the beginning, leading him to establish a new event series brand called DUEL this year, which is held at the best Techno clubs in Poland hosting names like Perc, The Horrorist, SNTS, Stranger, VSK, Remco Beek- wilder, Airod, SPFDJ, Thomas P. Heckmann and many others.

Furthermore, Sept has been showing his wide spectrum of sounds around the globe in clubs like Chalet (Berlin), Ipse (Berlin), Griessmuehle (Berlin), Magazin (Sweden), Club 1984 (Colombia), Club Tres/Cero/Tres (Colombia),
Grelle Forelle (Austria), Artheather (Germany), Temple (Turkey), La Suite (France), Utopia (Spain), Elipamanoke (Germany), Redgate (France), Rote Sonne (Germany), Khidi (Georgia), Flashback Studio (Hungary) and Myst Warehouse (France).

His sounds have been published on greatly respected podcasts like Reclaim Your City, Slam Radio, The Brvtalist, Synoid, HATE, Paradox Podcast, The Forgotten, Form & Function, Monument, and Oecus.

The future looks bright for Sept, with new vinyl releases (12”VA on Prodigal Son, 12”VA on Counterweight Records with Under Black Helmet, Tim Tams & Endlec, 12” Ultimate Seduction EP including remixes from Henning Baer & VTSS out on Voxnox Records) and a future presentation for the first time at Boiler Room (Hannover, Berlin).



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