Sky Leon

Sky Leon is a Berlin-based producer, dj and performer.

Born in a small industrial town in South Poland, he moved to glimmering Berlin in his teenage years. Sky’s musical journey began here. His early attempts in production focused on creating music for his movie projects during his film studies. This drastically changed after discovering the capital’s pungent techno scene.

Queer, hypnotic, aggressive yet catchy and anthemic – this is what describes Sky’s music at the core. His lyrics and vocals are often provocative and sexual but also self-therapeutic, displaying the beautiful and the ugly of the techno temples all over the world. Sky’s sound can be seen as an explosion of experimental build-ups and textures driven by dirty kicks and melodic pop elements which result in a well-elaborated chaos.

Every new project is a motivation for Sky to bend and break the rules of that what is considered techno, as each of his tracks bear the imprint of something wicked and unexpected.

Sky Leon proved his ability to lead the crowd with his bone wrecking live sets accompanied by his intense live vocals featured at Berlins DURCH Party, Fury and the Voxnox night at the re-opening of the iconic E-Werk.



Berlin, Germany


[email protected]